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Everyone in my district worries. Whether it is a senior or a young family or a single worker, they are worried about how to best get by, how to make a living, or how to live in retirement on a fixed income. They are worried about the kind of world their children and grandchildren will inherit and whether someday those kids will be prepared to lead and defend our country.


I get it. I understand.


My parents moved to Wyoming in the 1950s from the Navajo reservation. Like so many families, they worried about how to make ends meet and provide the best life they could for our family. We struggled. We worried. We worked. And we kept going. We were thankful for each other and for what we had, even if it was sometimes just our sense of humor. I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience because it made me who I am.


I believe in hard work and being firm but fair. I believe that government leaders should make decisions about Wyoming’s budget that reflect how families manage their finances. If someone in a family loses a job, they cut back on spending and rely on savings before asking others to pay the bills. Wyoming should do the same.

The people in my district aren’t looking for handouts – they are looking for opportunities. Growing up in Wyoming has provided me with countless opportunities. The opportunity to be the first in my family to go to college. To start a small business. To send my children to schools where they can start building a foundation that will allow them to chase their dreams. To live in a neighborhood where my family feels safe and where their health care needs are being met. And the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures Wyoming affords – clear blue skies and wide open spaces – that others may not appreciate.

We cannot take any of these opportunities for granted. People need representation that is active, responsible and responsive. Good judgment is rare. I have it. And I will use good judgment on every issue and every vote. No one will work harder to for people – for all people – than me.

Now, more than ever, Wyoming’s path forward requires thinking, common sense and intelligence. We need people who are interested in facts and ideas over rhetoric. Candidates that only focus on one issue do not fully represent voters that I have met. My neighbors want more responsibility and better representation for low taxes, great educational opportunities, a strong economy and high quality of life.


They want someone who will take action and find solutions – not someone who will fade into the background or whisper their concerns.

Now is the time to dial-down politics and dial-up solutions. It is the time for courage and leadership. I am excited for the opportunity to put my knowledge and experience to work for the people of Wyoming.

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